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Innovative At-Home Physical Therapy Service Generates
Leads On-Demand

Rezoom is an innovative platform that brings physical therapy to your home (or office, or hotel room — wherever you are). That also means saying “goodbye” to co-pays, interruptions in your scheduling, and waiting in offices. Rezoom is disrupting the physical therapy world. With our help, Rezoom was able to spend just $1.25 for each prospect who “raised their hand” at having back pain issues.

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“We started working with Bbg to get our service in front of potential users through Facebook. They worked through the challenges of the unknown that comes with introducing a new product to the market. After a few short weeks, we were able to bring leads in for around $1 each, which allowed us to extend our marketing budget and gather more data to improve our marketing and product.”

Jeremy Green

Co-Founder, Rezoom

Corporate Retirement Planning Firm Develops A Professional Digital Image & Platform

The financial services market is a laggard industry, with some Fortune 500 firms investing heavily into digital, and most small-to-medium sized firms neglecting it entirely. Meridien knew they needed to stand out from the competitors and provide a complete, professional digital presence that accurately represented their unique positioning in the market as a leader in executive & corporate benefits.

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“After meeting with David we chose The Bradley Business Group because of their ability to listen. He understood our traditional culture and helped us create a modern but conservative website that expresses our values. From conception to implementation, we were impressed with their responsiveness, creativity and flexibility. We would highly recommend The Bradley Business Group to our friends and colleagues.”

Mark Geraigery

Director of Education, Meridien Benefits

New Health Publishing

Alternative Healthcare Company Builds Massive List Of Marketing Qualified Leads

Our mission was to get the New Health Publishing’s main product, Diabetes Declassified, in front of as many relevant people as possible. This included both current Diabetes patients and those at-risk or in the family of those facing the chronic illness. Our method resulted in generating leads at less than $1 each.

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“David Bradley and his company, The Bradley Business Group, designed and executed our lead-generation marketing campaign on Facebook. Over the course of a few months, we were able to generate roughly 16,000 leads for approximately $1/each. While this is great, we continued to work with David because of his honesty in an otherwise unscrupulous market.”

Tyler D. Johansen

CEO, New Health Publishing, LLC

Marketing & Sales Planning For New Business Ventures

“On the assumption that professionals of like quality tend to associate, I was referred to David through another vendor with which I was pleased. My instincts were definitely right! From the very outset, David’s commitment to providing the highest level of service and fully satisfying the client was apparent. I will be using his services again when the opportunity presents itself.”

Kevin S. Garris, Esq.
Law Offices of Kevin S. Garris, P.A.

Law Offices of Kevin S. Garris


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