Our team is composed of analytical minds, technical experts, strategic visionaries, holistic thinkers, and creative action-takers. Together, we unite to drive BBG to its mission and our clients to further successes.


Making successful businesses more successful.


Helping our clients transform their marketing and sales by creating a profitable, predictable lead generation system through intelligent selection and use of online channels.


  • RESPECT – Everyone has a unique talent and skillset that is to be valued.
  • RESPONSIVENESS – Answer everyone within 24 hours, always.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Stepping up, in good times and bad.
  • INTEGRITY – Do what’s right, not what’s easy or common.
David J. Bradley, MBA

David J. Bradley, MBA


David Bradley is the CEO of Bbg and author of “Getting Digital Marketing Right” (GDMR).  GDMR is a step-by-step guide in how to develop a digital marketing strategy.  The process shows you what you should do to accomplish your goals and outlines a plan to execute on the tactics that will bring your business to its ideal future state.  Get the book on Amazon here.

David’s Unique Ability is systematically and strategically solving problems, achieving maximal results, and taking calculated risks while working in unison with a close network of advisors and peers.

David’s Entrepreneur Profile 10 (Gallup Research) top four talents are (01) Profitability, (02) Risk, (03) Independence, and (04) Delegator; and his Entrepreneurial style is Strategic, meaning as the voice and face of BBG, David looks at things long-term with a clear growth strategy and measures success through profitability.

David’s Core Values include Leadership, Efficiency, Creativity, Authenticity,and Reliability.

Patrick Eagan

Head of Facebook Advertising

Patrick’s Entrepreneur Profile 10 (Gallup Research) top four talents are (01) Independence, (02) Profitability, (03) Determination, and (04) Delegator; and his Entrepreneurial style is Activation, meaning Patrick is highly productive and strives to reach his goals, while also influencing others to reach their own goals.

John Donovan

John Donovan

Account Executive

John’s Entrepreneur Profile 10 (Gallup Research) top four talents are (01) Relationship, (02) Knowledge, (03) Delegator, and (04) Determination; and his Entrepreneurial style is Relational, meaning John excels at collaboration and developing creative solutions through developing powerful teams.

Ryan Ferrer

Business Development

Ryan’s Entrepreneur Profile 10 (Gallup Research) top four talents are (01) Risk, (02) Independence, (03) Disruptor, and (04) Selling; and his Entrepreneurial style is Activation, meaning Ryan is goal-oriented and performs at a highly productive level, making rapid goal attainment possible.