We help owners & CEOs of small-to-mid-sized companies implement their visions for top-line growth while working as part of their leadership team.


Partnering with Bbg as an Outsourced CMO is a unique way to address top-line growth, despite frustrations with ability to implement a growth plan, by having a partner on the leadership team.

Since it doesn’t make sense for most small-to-mid-sized companies to hire a full-time CMO, we work part-time, or as needed, focusing solely on real results.

Unlike working with an agency, you won’t receive a boilerplate advertising package or social media plan. We create long-term, market-based strategies that become a core component of your company’s growth.

Marketing is continuing to vastly change compared to what it was just a few years ago, forget decades past. We challenge you to think differently.

We provide six extra services which give any client that works with us extra value.


Extra Value Services

1. Marketing Department Development.  We are focused on eventually becoming obsolete. While there may be a lot of work before we can do so, our ultimate mission is to help you grow your company. Along the way, we want to establish systems that encapsulate what a sophisticated marketing strategy is composed of. And beyond that, there will need to be a team to support these activities. Ultimately, you will likely need a full-time CMO to take over as your business grows, and we step out.

2. On-Site & Off-Site Arrangements.  Being that this is primarily a virtual partnership, you may assume that face-to-face time would not exist. However, on-site arrangements can be made and can often be helpful for early onboarding, long-term partnerships and team building.

3. Technology-Friendly.  Marketing is no longer simply a creative outlet. Today’s marketing landscape incorporates many technological platforms that support, track and drive results. As such, we can advise you on marketing technology (MarTech) considerations you may have as we work towards your company’s growth.

4. Marketing Advisory.  Whether it be the internal marketing team, external partners, or the company’s leadership, we can provide expert advisory on marketing-related issues and opportunities. This acts as as-needed, on-demand insight as well as ongoing training. For lower-level marketing staff, this can come in the form of coaching or mentoring.

5. Benchmarking & Workshops.  On an as-needed basis, we may determine that audits will need to be conducted or workshops may assist us in the alignment and growth of our initiatives. Your outsourced CMO can provide these services in addition to the general growth management.

6. Cost-Savings.  With the fractional CMO model, you are renting rather than buying. That means you do not have long-term commitments, you reduce recruitment costs, shorten delays, eliminate relocations, and start taking action towards your growth faster.

It is these efforts to provide hands-on education, top-line performance, and reliable, transparent communication that distinguishes us from other marketing growth options.

Access to Bbg’s principal Outsourced CMOs, David Bradley and Lawrence Wilson, who introduce different marketing backgrounds and perspectives, inclusive of small, medium and large corporations with traditional and digital focuses, accelerates your success and really allows us to create the top-performing marketing plans for a secure growth plan for your company’s future.

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