Careers at The Bbg

Join The Bradley Business Group and use your insights and skills to transform our clients’ businesses and lives.

Flexible Working Arrangement

Our careers are primarily remote-based positions with flexible hours. We care less about what hours you work and more about the work produced. However, we will determine together what your regular working hours should be for clear and effective team and client communication, as needed.


Results-Oriented Team

We are not the sit back and relax type of group. Balance and life outside of work is vital, but, when you’re working, you’re working. We want people dedicated to the success of our firm, our clients, and themselves. Just as with our clients: we like to help successful people become more successful.


Current Openings

Marketing Intern, Rhode Island & Remote

Bbg, Inc. is seeking a marketing intern to assist us with content marketing, public relations (PR), business development, and growing our online presence.

Bbg is a digital marketing & advertising firm in Rhode Island serving small and medium-sized businesses across the country. We have specialized teams in each major service area: Strategy Development, Facebook Advertising, Search Advertising, and Content Marketing. We also provide Outsourced CMO service and serve as an outsourced marketing department to organizations.

This is an unpaid, for-credit internship. It will be a flexible 8-10 hours weekly.

While we are located in Warwick, RI – this is primarily a remote position.

We are seeking

A marketing intern who is interested in working with a growing firm that provides consultancy & agency services to small & medium-sized businesses. You will help us strategize, plan and execute marketing initiatives.

We would like someone who is organized and tech-savvy (no coding / programming / design skills needed, just basics like a good working laptop, familiarity with Google Drive & Docs).

You will work under the supervision of the CEO of Bbg, David Bradley.

What you will do


  • Schedule social media posts to generate awareness and stay relevant online
  • Establish public relations plans to increase number of features in publications, speaking arrangements, and podcast interviews
  • Assist in marketing & sales campaigns to attract new, targeted clientele to Bbg


  • Develop new or updated web content on our website
  • Assist in the development & growth of a new podcast
  • Join the board of associated organization (AMP) and attend board meetings
  • Recap accomplishments and challenges of previous week and goals for next
  • Potentially a variety of other tasks – we are flexible and here to help you learn

You are

  • Receiving college credit for this internship
  • A proactive person. Someone who is eager to do things, to learn, and to grow.
  • Working remotely, but more on that below.
  • Able to work independently, but not afraid to ask for help, guidance, and opinions
  • Interested in staying up to date with best practices of digital, mobile & social marketing
  • Happy to develop professionally through improved time management, self-discipline, and creativity

Bonus Points

  • You have started something yourself – whether a business, a website, a blog, or a club
  • Previous experience creating content for business purposes
  • Interested in an advertising, marketing, PR, consulting, or communications career

The Schedule

You will work ~8-10 hours per week, which is flexible to meet your schedule. Each week, you will meet with the CEO to discuss accomplishments, challenges, and goals. Meetings may be in-person or via Skype.

You are also invited to join the AMP-RI board and attend meetings. This is optional, but we include it for your professional growth and benefit.

Interns will leave with

An abundance of knowledge, resources to continue their development, limitless hands-on experience, and unlimited access for questions and references. Given that it is an unpaid position, we want you to be compensate through learning, experience, and fulfillment through your work.

Additionally, related to AMP-RI, you will have a full year of membership paid for you, ability to reference your membership to AMP on your resume, and a board position for your time working with us, though this may extend as long as you wish to be involved, which can also be featured on your resume and provides additional professional growth.

To Apply

There is no deadline. We will select the intern when we find the right mutual fit with a candidate.

To apply, please forward your resume to

* * * * * * *

Account Executive, Remote

Are you looking for ongoing and exciting work while setting your own hours, whether a few hours a week or full-time employment?

The Bbg is actively seeking an Account Executive. Your main role is to oversee fulfillment, produce reports and coordinate with Bbg’s CEO and Clients.

The Account Executive has two primary functions: operations and client servicing. Operationally, the account manager must ensure a streamlined process with complete, on-time fulfillment.

With clients, account executives must build trust and communicate clearly and effectively.  We prefer that all client questions and requests are answered within 24 hours, even if the answer is “I will get back to you tomorrow”.

If you think you have what it takes, read on…

Here’s what we are looking for (is this you?):

  • Self-starter who can demonstrate success in solving problems, driving operational efficiency.
  • Excellent communication skills (clear, professional, and respectful by email and phone)
  • Can provide past proof of work similar to this (does not have to be specific to account/project management)
  • Can spend time each day, even if just a few minutes, handling any tasks required
  • Analytical aptitude with good business sense and willingness to learn
  • Excellent project and resource manager; is open to direction, possesses a collaborative work style, and commitment to get the job done
  • Strong relationship management skills
  • Working knowledge of digital marketing business or ability to learn
  • Experience in digital marketing, online advertising, operations, sales, consulting, or other related field

This role is primarily focused on Facebook Advertising projects, but may include Google Advertising (AdWords).  You do not need expertise in execution of either platform, but must be willing to learn the language and purpose of each.  You are the strategic thinker, with Bbg strategists by your side.

Why work with us?

  • Flexible Schedule: You will not have set hours each week, aside from your regular calls with clients.  Rather, you will handle the projects and clients as needed.  Part-time, full-time // 5 hours a week or 40 hours a week.
  • Work As Much As You Want, But No More: The amount of work you put in is reflected by how many clients you handle.  While we prefer account executives that can at least handle a few clients, you don’t need to aspire for 15-20 clients (which places you near full-time).  Take on as many clients as best-fit for you, and no more.  Client servicing must be top priority and we cannot stretch anyone too thin at our client’s expense.
  • Future Opportunities: While the current role is project-by-project based, the future will open full-time opportunities to the right candidates.
  • Learn And Grow: The online advertising world is quickly changing, and yet, client servicing is not.  You will learn a time-tested skill of relationship management while delving into the constantly changing world of digital advertising.
  • We Hand-Hold: This can be a turn-off for some, but it is required.  With any new position, we believe training is vital.  We will work side-by-side with you to ensure everything goes smoothly.  We have specified Standard Operating Procedures for everything you need to do, so there is no guessing.  You will also work with specialists and executives in your training and ongoing work.
  • You Contribute: As mentioned, we have SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, in place. These are here to help you and all team members.  However, they must continually evolve.  Aside from helping our clients succeed, you will help us succeed by providing feedback, suggestions, and ideas for improvement on or current processes.

If this is you then please apply for this exciting and ongoing opportunity by sending the following to

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile URL
  2. Write an “X” at end of your email, before your signature
  3. What are three things that attract you to this position?
  4. What are 2-3 things that you would like to know more about or that concern you about this?
  5. In 2-3 sentences, explain why you are a strong communicator.  What have you done to hone this skill, or what have you experienced?
Every single application will be read and reviewed.  Please make a strong effort to clearly communicate your fit for this position.