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We help businesses create and deliver content that tells their story, engages customers, and drives revenue.


Your prospects are looking for answers online. Will they find you or your competition when they start looking?

Prospects are self-educating more than ever before. Research shows that up to 80% of the research process is complete before a prospect contacts a company.

The Key Question is: How do we identify the people asking questions and provide the answers? The answer is simple: Know Your Buyer Personas. This is at the core of an effective, intelligent digital content strategy.

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There are three fundamental stages at the core of every Buyer’s Journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

In the Awareness Stage, buyers recognize their pain, but your prospects aren’t fully aware of the potential solutions. Educational offers that are vendor-neutral are important at this stage in the Buyer’s Journey.

In the Consideration Stage, resources at this stage should educate leads on the pros and cons of the alternatives, leading them towards the best type of solution.

In the Decision Stage, buyers have a well-defined problem and a clear direction, your leads are choosing the best solution provider. If they’re still consuming your content at this stage, you’re on the short list. Now it’s time to close the deal.


We believe content is at the core of an effective digital strategy, so a thorough, strategic process for analyzing existing and potential digital content is vital. This is what we examine for each client:

Website Review: Design & Technical Proficiency
Conversion: Quality of Lead Generating Elements
Nurturing: Quality of Education Proposed & Delivery
Ongoing Content: Written, Visual & Auditory Content Review
Premium Content: Accuracy to Market Desire & Accessibility
Social Media: Effective Use of Channels for Engagement & Distribution
Competitive Intelligence: Reviewing Above Elements for Top Competitors


Because the people you surround yourself with are important…

We help our clients enjoy a streamlined, results-driven experience
with a focus on attaining KPIs. This is rooted in having the right team of
domain experts here at The Bradley Business Group to make that possible.


B2B Businesses appear to face the greatest challenges with digital. The usually think, “digital doesn’t work for us”. And many times, it doesn’t.

As digital marketing experts, we have to admit, some “go-to digital tactics” don’t work for everyone. But if we move away from focusing on the typical tactics, AdWords, social media, SEO, we can find a way to stand out as a thought leader online.  That’s what content marketing can provide.

Ask yourself, “what are buyers looking for?”  Your buyers are not simply going online to search for the service you provide on Google or responding to cold emails. They will go online to learn about people they might work with. And sometimes, they go online to find the true experts in a specific field they are seeking out.

So, what exactly do Buyers seek? Credibility.

A content-based Thought Leadership strategy drives credibility.  It provides potential buyers with the confidence and trust in you they need to sign a contract.



So, Content Marketing is basically blogging, right?  Maybe some SEO as well?  The same kind of thing we have seen for years?

Digital marketing has evolved extremely fast over the years, and yes, while content marketing can include elements of blogging and SEO, it should be much more than that. And if you tried handling a quality content campaign in-house, you know it certainly gets more complex than that.

Content Marketing does encompass blogging and SEO, but in addition, this may include video marketing, podcasting and social media marketing. The true core of content marketing though doesn’t lie in these tactics, but rather, the strategic understanding and answering of what is most salient in the mind of the consumer.

To ensure effective, sophisticated content marketing that delivers results, we first reverse-engineer the consumers mind. This allows us to develop a plan that will meet the consumer where they are, not where our guesses land.

How much does it cost to do content marketing effectively?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer for this.  The actual cost of content marketing can be measured after a content strategy is conducted.  It is safe to assume that a smart strategy will require a few thousand per month minimum, but potentially five figures, depending on the scope, need and speed you wish to move at.

Fortunately, arithmetic can be used to calculate precisely how we can make content marketing produce an ROI. This is based on calculations taking into account historical traffic & conversion data, industry benchmarks, and the competitive marketplace dynamics.

What is important to remember is that with the content strategy, you can begin predicting what investment would be needed to effectively utilize content marketing. Furthermore, we do not provide set “packages” for content marketing because no business is the same and you should not subsidize other clients’ campaigns.

How long does it take to work?

Content Marketing is a long-term approach. The essence of it is to get the right content to the right place at the right time, so when your consumers get there, you are ready to provide exactly what they are looking for. Accordingly, it depends on how many consumers are looking, at what velocity, and how many of them we can get in front of.

However, content marketing can be the cornerstone of your digital marketing, and it often should be.  Effective content marketing provides exponential returns as it powers Facebook Advertising efforts.  And yet, if you have attempted content marketing, you know it is tremendously overwhelming to create and manage a volume of digital content while maintaining a high level of content quality.

The first place to begin is with a digital content strategy to understand exactly who we are speaking to, what they want to hear, and in what form that content should exist in. Then, we need to clarify what execution will look like in terms of volume of content, content production, and tools & technology to support it.

The content strategy will take a few weeks, but it is vital and necessary to running an effective long-term content campaign.


To request a strategy session with The Bbg team, please contact [email protected] or click here to complete an application.

Content Marketing Consulting

Strategy Development | Done-For-You | Done-With-You

Strategy Development
Content Marketing / VOTC

Understanding the Voice of the Customer is the central component of effective Content Marketing (and all digital efforts). That is why we always begin with developing a digital content strategy.

If you are looking to start content marketing, or truly engage in any marketing & advertising efforts intelligently, this is the service we recommend you begin with. Your team will find that across marketing, sales, customer service, and throughout the company, a deeper understanding and unified vision of your customer provides tremendous benefit.  Contact us below if interested.

Content Marketing Service

Bbg can provide complete end-to-end digital content services, inclusive of creating engaging content, publishing it, and distributing it across your key channels to effectively reach your customers online.

It is an entirely complex endeavor, but it can pay for itself many times over for businesses that plan for sustainability and continually growth. Interested in learning how content marketing can make you the first option, preferred provider, and thought leader in your industry? Contact us below to learn more.

Content Marketing Consulting

Bbg helps clients strategize, plan, develop & deploy content marketing campaigns that are focused on the customers. This requires a deep understanding of key domain areas: consumer behavior, content strategy, content production, content management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, marketing automation & technology and more.

Bbg can work with your in-house and executive team to design a digital content strategy that is comprehensive and aligned to your capabilities and goals.

If your marketing team needs the guidance of digital content experts, feel free to contact us below.

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