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We help companies build a profitable, predictable lead generation system through Facebook Advertising.


With a user base of 2 billion users, it’s difficult to not find your target market there.

Facebook is particularly useful for B2C companies, especially those with a large target audience.

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Facebook as an advertising platform is the greatest untapped resource in today’s business world. The breadth and depth of data available to Facebook is astronomical and powerful when used correctly. With such deep insights on consumers, Facebook Ads allow you to target based on demographics, interests, behaviors, affiliations, connections, psychographics, and even your existing databases. The opportunity is tremendous.


We pride ourselves in having a thorough, strategic process for each client.
The outline below will provide you with an overview of how your campaign may be developed.

You can assume about 80% accuracy, as no campaign is cookie-cutter,
but most will follow this high-level procedure:


Week 1

Market Research


Week 2

Build Core Campaign


Week 3

Develop Collateral & Retargeting Campaign


Week 4

Front-End Offer Test


Week 5

Audience Identification Stage


Week 6

Messaging That Resonates Stage


Week 7

Image Library Development Stage


Week 8

Demographic Segmentation Stage


The people you surround yourself with are important.

Our clients enjoy a streamlined experience and KPIs consistently
met while working with us. This is rooted in having the right team
here at The Bradley Business Group to make that possible.



Alternative Healthcare Company Builds Massive List Of Marketing Qualified Leads

Our mission was to get the New Health Publishing’s main product, Diabetes Declassified, in front of as many relevant people as possible. This included both current Diabetes patients and those at-risk or in the family of those facing the chronic illness. Our method resulted in generating leads at less than $1 each.

Click here to see how New Health Publishing was able to affordably gather tens of thousands of leads through Facebook Advertising.

New Health Publishing

“David Bradley and his company, The Bradley Business Group, designed and executed our lead-generation marketing campaign on Facebook. Over the course of a few months, we were able to generate roughly 16,000 leads for approximately $1/each. While this is great, we continued to work with David because of his honesty in an otherwise unscrupulous market.”

Tyler D. Johansen

CEO, New Health Publishing, LLC


Innovative At-Home Physical Therapy Service Generates
Leads On-Demand

Rezoom is an innovative platform that brings physical therapy to your home (or office, or hotel room — wherever you are). That also means saying “goodbye” to co-pays, interruptions in your scheduling, and waiting in offices. Rezoom is disrupting the physical therapy world. With our help, Rezoom was able to spend just $1.25 for each prospect who “raised their hand” at having back pain issues.

Click here to learn how Bbg helped market entrant Rezoom develop a successful lead generation campaign.

“We started working with Bbg to get our service in front of potential users through Facebook. They worked through the challenges of the unknown that comes with introducing a new product to the market. After a few short weeks, we were able to bring leads in for around $1 each, which allowed us to extend our marketing budget and gather more data to improve our marketing and product.”

Jeremy Green

Co-Founder, Rezoom


Why would we use Facebook Advertising if we already invest in advertising through Google AdWords?

This is a very fair question, because most companies have used Google AdWords for their online advertising. It has existed for quite some time and we know what to expect from AdWords.

The truth is, there is huge value from advertising on Google and it’s a service we offer. Advertising on Facebook and Google isn’t an “either/or” question. It’s a “which one, or both?”. Almost every business can benefit from at least one of these two.

The difference lies in consumer behavior, and to successfully strategize for your business, you need to understand how your consumers think and reverse-engineer where their attention is. For advertising on Google Adwords, we know consumers are headed to Google with a certain problem, concern or question in their mind. We simply answer that.

Facebook can be a little more complicated than Google, but it also holds tremendous value. For most companies, your consumers will not be going to Facebook to learn about you! They are there for friends and family and to help time pass. But, we know they are there, and we know there is a tremendous amount of data on Facebook users available to us as advertisers.

If we place the right message to the right people, we can generate business through Facebook.

How much does it cost to advertise through Facebook?

The real answer to this relies in your return-on-investment. For most businesses, the investment into Facebook is “as much as we can if it’s profitable”. That makes perfect sense, but, of course, you need to know whether or not it is profitable first.

We typically recommend a minimum budget of $5,000 per month to invest in Facebook Advertising. You can start with a smaller monthly budget, but the $5,000 monthly investment allows you to learn faster, and inherently, reach a clear return-on-investment faster.

What does Bbg’s Facebook Advertising service include?

We work with you to develop the entire process from initial touchpoint with a consumer to the point of sale. This means that we do create the ads, but also the landing pages that prospects visit when clicking on the ads, thank you and offer pages, retargeting sequences to continue appearing to warm leads, email sequences, and integrations into your CRM, email or marketing automation software.

It is important to note that we have a very thorough process for our Facebook Advertising (just like we recommend with Search Advertising). We go far beyond an “A/B Split Test”, incorporating dozens of variants of every test we run until we find statistical significance of a variant, which is moved forward into the winning campaign. This captures the essence of “sifting through dirt to find the gold” and is the cornerstone of our clients’ success.



To request a strategy session with The Bbg team, please contact or click here to complete an application.


Facebook Advertising Consulting

Done-For-You | Done-With-You | Do-It-Yourself

Facebook Advertising Service

Our team at BBG will develop a strategy for you, design a campaign, and manage the campaign throughout the testing and scaling stages each month.  This allows you to capture the value of Facebook Advertising, maximize its efficacy, and have zero obligation to add additional resources or training for your in-house team.

Interested in our team building and executing a Facebook Advertising campaign for your company?  Contact us below.

Facebook Strategy Consulting

BBG has helped design and deploy dozens of campaigns for a variety of clients, including online educators, software businesses, physical therapy franchises, professional service providers, and more.

At BBG, we can work with your team to develop a strategy for your Facebook Marketing, including the customer profile development and digital sales funnel design.

Does your team need the help of experts dedicated to Facebook Advertising to help create your lead generation campaign? Contact us below.

Facebook Advertising Training

The greatest challenge with running a truly successful Facebook Advertising campaign is following a process that works. That’s why we took our intellectual property, packaged it into an easy-to-follow training program, and released it to the world.

For those of you who want to develop the capacity in-house to run your Facebook campaigns yourself, this training shares our proven process that has helped our clients generate leads at $3, $2, and sometimes, even less than $1 each. Contact us below if interested.

Already Running Facebook Ads? Consider Our Discrete Audit Program

How would you like us to discretely review your Facebook campaigns to see how well they are being managed?

If you want to be certain that your advertising campaigns are as profitable as possible, this program provides deep insight into your existing & historical performance.

The fee for this audit is $860 — with a guaranteed ROI and one week turnaround. Complete the form below and in the message box, let us know approximately how much you invest in advertising per month.

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