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An Exclusive Partnership With ONE Financial Institution Serving The Rhode Island Market

How Do You Successfully Market A Bank When You’re Selling The Invisible?

Whether for personal or business accounts, people use two factors in deciding who to bank with:

  1. Timing
  2. Trust

To successfully market your bank, you must clearly establish yourself as a trusted institution — and do so at the right time for that individual.

You know how to build trust. The problem is, so do all of your competitors.

The days of relying on billboards and sponsoring community events alone are past us. Banks need to be more forward thinking if they want to stand out.

This is why we are seeking ONE financial services partner to help them achieve stronger market share in 2018.

This increase in market share is not only achieved by implementing innovative methodologies to build more trust in the market. It is also about reaching the right people at the right time This is something you simply can’t achieve with mass messaging methods, such as billboards and TV.

We are not suggesting you eliminate your traditional ways of marketing.  However, you can add powerful modules to what you do today.

Let us explain more about what we will help our partner do.


Be The First Option

When your target audience is in the market for a new banking partner, they are actively raising their hand and saying, “I need help”.

This is low hanging fruit. People literally looking for your services.

Take advantage of this by being the first option they see when they are searching for a bank.

This is a largely uncontested strategy in the local market and has tremendous opportunity. We can even forecast the specific traffic you can expect to generate based on how many people are in the geographic markets you are looking to penetrate.

We not only can capture prospective banking clients across product lines such as personal or business banking, but down to cities, and zip codes. Not only can you target banking prospects in Cranston, or Providence, or Coventry, but even by zip code.

Best of all: get started on this today and your phones will start ringing tomorrow.


Make A Personal Connection

You know how impactful a personal touch is when building relationships with new potential banking clients. Why not start that as soon as possible?

People choose a bank based on trust. Trust is gained at the person-to-person level.

You need to continue building those personal relationships in your office, on your phone, and on the road.

You can also supplement this by reaching your market where they spend their downtime personally: on social media. And no, this isn’t a “feel good” idea of sharing images of autumn, asking how others are handling the latest blizzard, or posting office photos for the holidays. (You can still do that – but we are focused on gaining market share here.)

Instead, we are reaching this audience on a personal level and starting actual relationships, where they congregate in their free time, and they’re willingly and happily sharing their contact information so you can reach out to them about exploring a banking relationship.

What about brand awareness? Don’t we need people to know our name so we come to mind first? That’s our third pillar, so keep reading.


Always Be Top Of Mind

Since new banking relationships start when your prospects are ready, not when you want to start them. You simply need to be ready when they are.

Be the name everyone knows in your market to be at the top of their list.

We can’t promise you will be everyone’s #1 choice, but you can be a choice with everyone.

Imagine this: someone visits Facebook, and your bank is there. Someone visits Google, and you’re there. Someone visits the Wall Street Journal website, and yes, you’re displayed there…

This is all possible, and few banking institutions have marketing advanced enough to do this. We’re exciting to bring this opportunity to a Rhode Island bank today.



Advanced Strategies: Reaching Your Market During Their Significant Life Events

Imagine reaching out to the market on a personal level when they…

  • Have An Upcoming Birthday
  • Recently Purchased A Home
  • Are Planning To Move To A New Home
  • Are Planning To Buy Or Lease A Vehicle This Year
  • Were Engaged In The Last 3, 6, or 12 Months
  • Were Married In The Last 3, 6, or 12 Months
  • Started A New Job In The Last 6 Months
  • Actively Use A Credit Card

We leverage Big Data sources that provide us with an unbelievable amount of information.

The precision is unbelievable – and possible. We’re excited to help one banking institution in Rhode Island unlock this power.


What Financial Institutions Qualify As A Potential Exclusive Partner?

There are two dimensions to criteria a partner must meet:

  1. Metrics For Validity
  2. Attitude For Applicability

Having the resources to move forward is simply not enough. Your leadership team must be ready to make decisions and activate a partnership in 2018 that will transform how you generate new business today.

First of all, you must be a banking institution located in Rhode Island.

This is a program developed for the Rhode Island market — and while it’s transferable, we want a single partner per geographical area, and seek to work with an institution in Rhode Island, where we are also headquartered. There is both a need in the market and convenience for in-person meetings.

In the application to join this Request For Partnership, we will collect information to assess your validity and applicability with this program to ensure preparedness and seriousness of applicants at initial screening.

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