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We help businesses capture existing demand in the market by intelligently leveraging the power of Google.


Whenever someone has a question, problem, or need, they do the same thing:
they Google it.

With 4.5 billion searches every day, it is likely that your customers are part of this. And if not, they may be part of the 875 million daily searches on Bing and 535 million on Yahoo.

Good news for B2B companies: your business customers are using search engines as well. We know it is even more challenging to market your business online, but this channel can work for you.

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You may realize that certain regions deliver more customers to you than others. The reasons can vary quite a bit, but the premise is the same: we want to focus more of our budget on the high profit areas. Fortunately, you can do this with advanced geo-targeting. For example: if your leads are generated for a fifth of the cost in Atlanta as opposed to Miami, why not place an ad specific to Atlanta at 20% of the cost and a separate ad to Miami? Search Advertising allows you to do that, making your campaigns more effective and efficient.


We understand that the people you surround yourself with are important.

Our clients enjoy a streamlined experience and KPIs consistently
met while working with us. This is rooted in having the right expert team
here at The Bradley Business Group to make that possible.


What Clients Have Had To Say

Easy to work with since they know exactly what’s necessary to deliver high quality leads that are ready to purchase. The most important aspect of working with them has been the very favorable return on investment.

“The consistent efforts have helped us generate more inquires, secure more  appointments, capture new contacts, and make more sales.”

Actual results, very high return on investment, and top notch customer service!”

“How can we spend more?…”

“Our first lead turned into a $40,000 sale for us. It was impressive how fast we saw results.”

“Originally recommended by a colleague of mine as “the best AdWords search experts” he knew. We figured they were good, but were blown away at the results we’ve had since consulting with them; he seriously was not exaggerating.


Increase In Lead Volume Within 3-Months for Commercial Property Advisors


Decrease In Acquisition Cost Within 3-Months for Commercial Property Advisors


Increase In Overall Business Within 6-Months for Lucier, CPA

New Retainer Clients Within 6-Months for Lucier, CPA


Why would we want to use Search Advertising / Paid Search / Search Engine Marketing / Google AdWords / Bing & Yahoo Search Ads?

First of all, yes, all of those terms do essentially lead to the same advertising channel. This is one reason many professionals (marketers included) get confused by online advertising and digital marketing: the breadth of intertwined terminology.

Google AdWords has been the cornerstone of online advertising and much of digital spend for over a decade. That far outlives most online marketing platforms. That means we know what to expect from AdWords and how to most effectively use it.

And yet, not everyone approaches search advertising the same, because it comes down to understanding consumer behavior. If you want a successful campaign, you need a clear understanding of how your consumers think and then to reverse-engineer their attention online.

With Search Advertising, reverse-engineering consumer attention is relatively clear because people go to Google or Bing with a specific problem, concern or question in mind. We simply need to effectively answer that.

How much does search advertising cost?

This answer depends on your return-on-investment. Fortunately, search advertising provides an extremely clear, trackable ROI, which makes it such an attractive platform to use. Once you know your ROI, you can adjust your budget accordingly. Also exciting about the platform is the ability to forecast and estimate a return prior to a heavy investment.

We typically recommend a minimum monthly budget of $5,000 to invest in Search Advertising. A smaller budget may be sufficient for your needs, but this slows acquisition of data and learnings, and inherently, ROI.

What does Bbg’s Search Advertising service include?

Bbg works with clients to design the entire customer experience from first touchpoint on the search page to the point of sale. This is inclusive of ads, landing pages prospects hit when clicking on the ad, thank you pages, direct offer pages, retargeting sequences for warm leads, email sequences, and integrations into your CRM, email or marketing automation software.

We also offer audit and strategy services if you would like us to quickly review your existing campaigns, to forecast potential results, or to develop an entire strategy and campaign around your advertising efforts.



To request a strategy session with The Bbg team, please contact or click here to complete an application.

Search Advertising Consulting

Done-For-You | Done-With-You | Do-It-Yourself

Search Advertising Service

Bbg’s Search Advertising team will develop an AdWords & Bing strategy for you, develop the campaigns, and manage the campaigns on an ongoing basis, continually testing variants until statistical significance and making improvements.  With this, you can capture the market’s demand on Google AdWords and the Bing/Yahoo Network, maximize efficiency and efficacy without the need to hire & train an in-house team of experts.

Interested in Bbg’s team creating, implementing & executing a Search Advertising strategy for your company?  Contact us below.

Search Advertising Strategy Consulting

Bbg’s expert team of search advertisers have designed & deployed campaigns for dozens of clients in a variety of industries, including professional service providers, health professionals, software businesses, financial service companies, and more.

Bbg works with your team to develop a strategy for your Search Engine Marketing, including the forecast of demand, recommended investment, account structure, and the various campaigns within the master account.

If your team needs the guidance and assistance of experts dedicated to Search Advertising to create effective lead generation campaigns, simply contact us below.

Search Advertising Training

There are hundreds of changes to Google’s advertising platform every year. On top of that, you need to consider Bing & Yahoo search advertising as well, and all of the elements outside of the search engines (landing pages, email sequences, marketing automation…).

We take Bbg’s intellectual property, package it into an easy-to-follow training program, and share it with clients who wish to keep the search advertising team internal and need the training for reinforcement.

For those seeking to develop the capacity in-house or to improve training for existing internal assets, please contact us below to learn more.

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