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We help companies build the right infrastructure around their web presence and digital marketing activities.


Marketing and advertising is no longer simply a “creative” pursuit. In fact, the most effective communications never was. It’s a science and the data you collect is the lifeblood of your business.

However, technology has not only become a necessary component of personal and business lives, but a key driving force of digital transformations and business growth. Technology provides insight on consumer behavior & psychology, streamlined operations, leveraged time, saved money, and increased growth velocity. But, that all depends on understanding what technology fits your business based on financial resources, human capital, time-constraints, and consumer needs.

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A comprehensive technological base to your marketing is vital to simply understand what is working and what is not. There are two common reasons companies need to analyze their existing marketing technology: the ability to track results based on the correct Key Performance Indicators and to enhance the efficacy of marketing activities. Here are technologies to consider:

Analytics: For overall, on-demand web data and reporting
Tag Management: For managing tags, codes and digital tracking
Email Marketing: For sharing both e-newsletters and “autoresponders”
Marketing Automation Systems: For comprehensive, powerful online communications
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: For empowering, not hindering, sales teams
Social Media Management Tools: For managing online communities across social network channels
Content & Advertising Campaign Tools: For managing creation, editing and ongoing improvement of campaigns


Because the people you surround yourself with are important…

We help our clients understand their technology needs and opportunities,
while educating them on the process of selecting marketing tools, and
creating a technology landscape that is empowering & profitable.


Providing analysis, audits, reporting, dashboard creation and collaboration with your marketing team for streamlined and more effective initiatives.

There are two tools that every company using digital marketing, or even simply having a website, should have: Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Google Analytics is a staple of tracking data online. The extreme utility of the tool matches its complexity. While the data available to us is vital and deeply educational, most professionals struggle to understand and analyze such. This is where proper structuring of analytics accounts, creation of dashboards, and proper reporting tools is needed.

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows simplifies the management and integration of “tags”, which include tracking codes and scripts used in your online advertising and marketing initiatives. It provides reliability and speed to your marketing team by removing the mess of codes that would typically have to be programmed into your website.

These two tools are the simple fundamentals we recommend for companies. Be sure you are appropriately using both.



In addition to proper tracking and data management, technology can also help you manage communications with prospects and customers.

Email Marketing: Email communications has been the cornerstone of online marketing for years. It can still be a useful tool to reach prospects and customers digitally. However, in addition to proper use of this channel, powerful, simple and intuitive technology is an enabling factor. Either you can be known for helpful, timely and welcomed emails, or you can be another company moved to the “trash” folder.

Marketing Automation: Automated marketing efforts allow for leveraged time, deeper relationships, and increased personalization. It is a high leverage opportunity for a company to invest in marketing automation, and often, we can find a solution that surprises clients in terms of budget.

CRM Systems: Customer Relationship Management tools, like email marketing, are not “new”. However, the ongoing changes in technology make it worthwhile to review existing systems to determine if there is a simple but strategic alternative.

Other Marketing Technologies: The list of marketing technologies is long. It can include tools to manage social media, social advertising, search advertising, landing page design, content development, eCommerce and much more. A complete inventory and review of existing systems can help identify opportunities and gaps in capabilities and needs.



Do you have partnerships with any certain technology or software vendors?

No! While we certainly have preferred tools in different categories, we realize and enforce the diversity of different businesses at different stages. There is no technology in any category that is best fit for all clients, so we engage in a deep understanding process and identify best-fit technologies for specific use cases.


If we were to start using new software, how would we make sure it is used properly?

Here, you identified the greatest challenge with technology. It isn’t the selection of the right tools, or managing budgets for the investment, or the technical transition. It’s the people who are going to use it that need to be the priority.

To accommodate for this issue, we recommend training protocols set for new and existing employees. Often, the vendors provide their own education on different tools, which can be highly effective. In addition, however, internal training may be helpful for details that compare the previous operating procedures to new operating procedures.



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Technology & Analytics Services

Analytics | Tag Management | MarTech Consulting

Analytics Services

Proper analytics setup, implementation and ongoing reporting & consulting provides your business and marketing teams with intelligence that is available, yet unreachable to you today. Empower your business.

If you are looking to begin tracking your consumer data, or simply want to make sure that you have the most effective setup possible in your existing analytics system, please feel free to reach out below. Proper analytics setup and use is one of the absolute necessities with digital marketing. It provides education backed by real data that you can use to make smart decisions.

Tag Management

Keeping tags, codes and tracking scripts updated, organized and properly implemented is time-consuming and can be technically challenging. This is why tag management software is important for digital activities.

Bbg can assist your team with the proper setup, structuring, use and troubleshooting of tag management. We recommend this for marketing teams, whether you have an entirely in-house team managing your marketing activities or if you work with several agencies. Regardless, this would provide additional security. Contact us below to learn more.

MarTech Consulting

Need help with marketing technology, tools & software aside from analytics and tag management? Reach out to us at Bbg for assistance with reviewing and analyize your existing systems, or lack thereof.

Bbg helps clients understand, develop & deploy technology infrastructures that are focused on your objectives of serving your customers and providing a more effective and efficient internal working environment. This service can cover a variety of digital communications, tracking and basic infrastructure tools. If your marketing team needs the guidance of digital tech experts, feel free to contact us below.

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