Start With Strategy.

Facebook Advertising

Place yourself prominently in front of the 2 billion monthly users that Facebook has amassed using their advertising platform backed by multiple Big Data resources and our proven proprietary process.

Search Advertising

A portion of your market is actively seeking what you provide to them. Take advantage of this low hanging fruit where you don’t have to create demand, but capture the existing market demand.

Digital Marketing Advisory

This innovative model provides breadth and depth of digital expertise to companies who require digital leadership, best practices, and coordination of the many systems and people involved.


Bbg is a Digital Consultancy providing digital leadership in an innovative advisory model for small-to-medium sized businesses.
We provide Expertise, Speed, and Flexibility in a Cost-Effective approach compared to developing a full in-house marketing team.


Relentless commitment to client success.

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Our process is a simple and clear, so you know exactly what to expect from the beginning.

Step 1: Discovery Interview

25-minutes | $0

We will begin with a phone call to establish a high-level understanding your audience, your recent marketing experiences, and your goals going forward. If you meet criteria to work with us, and if we can help you reach your goals, we will schedule step two, a strategy session.

Step 2: Strategy Session

2-hours| $300

In this session, we will collaborate, leveraging your experience and understanding of your business and market, with our cross-industry expertise in digital. With precisely identified markets and objectives, we will help you define the methodologies required to effectively achieve your goals. This naturally leads into step three, where we formalize our findings in this session.

Step 3: Executive Briefing

30-minutes x 3 | $ included in step two

After digesting the strategy session and investigating any particular elements further, we will formalize our findings to present to you a briefing that identifies specific methodologies you may implement internally or with external partners to achieve the goals we previously identified in a manner aligned to your resources. You will also have two follow-up calls available should you or your team desire additional input on the proposed plan and procedures.

Step 4: Future Engagements

$ Custom

At this stage, you will have a well-defined digital strategy to move forward with. If you would like to work with us in an ongoing manner to assist with further projects, implementation, or execution, we may explore this together. As a boutique digital consultancy, we take on a limited number of clients and offer high-touch engagements, so all of our work is handled on a custom-designed basis.


David J. Bradley, MBA

David J. Bradley, MBA


Digital Transformation
Patrick Eagan

Patrick Eagan

Lead Campaign Strategist

Facebook Advertising
Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis

Lead Campaign Strategist

Paid Search
Bobby Tsui

Bobby Tsui

Lead Strategist & Consultant

Content, Inbound & Thought Leadership

It’s important to be careful of who you surround yourself with.

It has been our mission since inception to build the best team to support growing small and medium sized businesses. This team requires exceptional skill, specialized focus, and clear communication.

You should never rely on a single individual acting as an all-knowing digital marketer, because digital is too complex for a single individual to be a high end professional in the many areas: strategy, social advertising, search advertising, SEO, content marketing, and so on.

Meet the leadership team in our core sectors here at Bbg.


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