A Digital Consultancy for Financial Services Firms

Redefine your Marketing Strategy,

Regain your Competitive Position, and

Reimagine the Customer Experience.

A Unique Approach

We operate alongside marketing teams and agencies, if they exist, focusing on the development of a company’s growth mechanisms as a core competency.


With a one-on-one approach, we support your employees by sharing best practices, guiding principles, and modern marketing management philosophies.


Providing leadership as a fractional Digital Marketing Advisor™ for your marketing team or acting as a Chief Growth Officer if a marketing team is not yet developed.


Establishing in-depth strategy and implementation plans for your digital, mobile and social communications based on real customer data and industry best practices.

How We Work With Clients

Our clients tend to find themselves in one of the following situations:


We have no strategy behind what we do and why we do it.

By leveraging the tenants and methodologies shared in our founders books (Getting Digital Marketing Right, 2015; Digital Marketing MBA, 2019), we will help you develop a clear and complete strategy that addresses all of your key concerns and integral focus areas:

  • Establishing key performance indicators, channel metrics and tracking practices
  • Realigning all current activities according to best practices for quick wins
  • Creating and implementing digital marketing management protocols
  • Restructuring marketing team, including internal and external parties
  • Integrating supportive marketing technologies and processes


We’re invested in our marketing, but we don’t have dedicated leadership.

Through our Digital Marketing Advisory™ model, we provide ongoing digital leadership through a fractional approach. Likewise, coaching is offered to provide in-house marketing staff with an opportunity to learn best practices and marketing management philosophies with a one-on-one approach.

These roles provide unbiased, objective guidance by a dedicated expert. Your advisor will:

  • Serve in a leadership capacity related to your digital activities
  • Provide ongoing realignment of your strategy, budget and team
  • Fully manage your digital activities and team members
  • Source, validate and negotiate with vendors and outside specialists
  • Report on activities, understanding the technical details but asssessing the true business impact


Our teams are eager to learn, but don’t know where to start. We’re stuck.

If you have in-house staff, and even agency partners, but don’t feel like your direction is clear, we can help. Through a focus on the long-term vision for your organization, we can help you assess what your next steps should be to make significant and meaningful progress. This may be experienced through:

  • Creating specialized training to develop the competencies of your in-house staff
  • Providing one-on-one coaching opportunities, both scheduled and on-demand
  • Developing your marketing department, including the design and hiring of staff


We have no team or agency. We need our campaigns fully managed for us.

If you are starting fresh or recently adjusting from your previous staffing or agency partners, we can provide managed services so you have a completely outsourced marketing department. If you are not seeking to develop your in-house marketing team and department at this time, this may be a fit for you:

  • Managed Paid Media: Search, display, video and social advertising
  • Managed Earned Media: Public relations and media partnerships
  • Managed Owned Media: Websites, blogs and social presence

Featured Client Experiences

Mortgage Company Seeks Innovative Marketing To Transform Business

The mortgage industry is heavily regulated, requiring integration of information technology/security and legal departments with all marketing initiatives. Nonetheless, Embrace was determined to innovate in this laggard industry by positioning themselves as a digitally-savvy and capable organization, focused on consumers ease of communication and positive customer journeys. Read the full case study.

Corporate Retirement Planning Firm Reinvents Digital Presence

The financial services market is a laggard industry, with some Fortune 500 firms investing heavily into digital, and most small-to-medium sized firms neglecting it entirely. Meridien knew they needed to stand out from the competitors and provide a complete, professional digital presence that accurately represented their unique positioning in the market as a leader in executive & corporate benefits. Read the full case study.

CPA Office Grows Business 30% In Six Months

The accounting market is crowded with everyone from solo-practitioners to large firms with hundreds of staff to the new and innovative software services. Lucier saw an opportunity to capture a greater share of the local market, but needed to get in front of business owners. We reviewed and reenergized their Google Ads campaign, identifying opportunities in search that vastly bolstered performance. Read the full case study.

An Outsourced Marketing Management Solution for the Financial Sector

Financial services firms typically find their marketing handled in one of the following ways:

  • Handled entirely by an agency who has limited integration with your business
  • Overseen by someone with limited and/or dated marketing experience
  • Completely held as an afterthought, at best

In any case, unless you have invested in marketing talent in-house, it is likely that there are growth opportunities you can realize with the right plan in place and the right visionary leading you forward.

We offer an approach that integrates collaboratively with agencies, in-house staff, and leadership teams to define the firm’s next stage of growth, develop a plan to pursue it, and for effective execution.

This model is cost-effective, adds depth of expertise, expands breadth of experience, and prioritizes cooperation among internal and external talent. Ultimately, we remove the blinders while simultaneously helping you to expand your vision.

How does our unique model work collaboratively with in-house personnel & marketing agencies?

We provide clients with an economical alternative to relying solely on external agencies or in-house personnel while receiving heightened expertise, aligned interests, and deep integration with our client’s business and leadership.

Companies often struggle with contracting agencies or expanding marketing teams because of displacement. It is our belief that agencies and staff can work in harmony and stay accountable under the right structure. We may also evaluate the optimal allocation of in-house and outsourced support in our work together.

If Contracting Agencies: We can help to source, validate, negotiate with, and select the right agency. We also have specialized agencies we have established relationships with that we may recommend.

If Hiring In-House: Our advisory model helps companies avoid issues of premature hiring, experience limitations, and balancing payroll with skill-level needs through the provided advanced insight, custom training and ongoing coaching for your marketing teams.

Expertise to make intelligent decisions. Experience to identify best-fit actions. Aligned interests to remove conflicts of interest.

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