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Level Four:
Digital Marketing Advisory™

The Digital Marketing Advisory™ model provides ongoing digital leadership through a fractional approach. Likewise, Coaching is offered on retainer to provide in-house marketing staff with an opportunity to learn best practices and marketing management philosophies with a one-on-one approach.

Quarterly commitments are required. These roles provide unbiased, objective guidance by a dedicated expert.

The Digital Marketing Advisory™ model includes:

  • An outsourced leadership role related to digital added to your team
  • Ongoing realignment of your digital strategy, budget and team
  • Full management of your digital activities and team members
  • Sourcing, validating and negotiating with vendors and outside specialists
  • Continual development of digital campaigns and activities

Inquire Now:

Advisory services start at $2,800 per month and coaching services start at $860 per month.

You can inquire about these services with the form below.

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