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We serve as Digital Marketing Advisors who help clients identify an intelligent approach to communicating with their customers via digital, mobile and social.


The traditional marketing agency model provides an alternative to hiring full marketing teams in-house while still having expertise in marketing. However, they tend to lack the expertise in your individual business and that can be lost if an in-house asset is not assigned to work closely with that agency.

There is an alternative approach available where you can gain the expertise and experience of an outside partner, while your internal team remains and is further enhanced through the coaching and training involved with this model. This is what we refer to as the “Digital Marketing Advisor” model.


The way businesses operate and are structured today is changing, just as the economy does. As consumers get used to industry disruption from companies like Uber and Airbnb, companies are getting used to the growing freelancer economy, remote work situations, and alternatives to traditional generalist teams.

Adopting an external “Digital Marketing Leadership” model is the next transition for businesses, particularly with the drive of Digital and the complexities that it introduces to the small and medium sized business environment.

You have the option to hire an in-house team of digital experts. This would include positions such as social media managers, content marketers, Facebook Advertisers, search engine optimization specialists, copywriters, web developers, AdWords campaign managers, and graphic designers. This list can include a few dozen additional job titles – but you get the idea.

The need for an internal full-time digital executive is not necessary for small-medium companies. This would be a high expense with incremental benefits. Furthermore, if you are limited in digital personnel to a few, or even one position, you are only left with generalists, and “okay” skill sets are a high expense.  Digital requires the expertise of specialized individuals.

In-house also comes with additional costs: benefits, paid vacation, retirement plans, overhead, and all that goes into human resources for the search & interview process…

There is an alternative to expensive hiring of digital marketing managers.

We offer a Digital Marketing Advisor to applicable companies.  Think of it as having a part-time Chief Digital Officer, or VP of Digital Marketing.

Your Advisor runs the ship and provides expertise in strategy, team formation, budget allocation, and digital marketing best practices.

Your new “Digital Advisor ” is paid on a flat-fee basis, which is typically over 80% more affordable than hiring an equivalent individual in-house. That 80% saved from an executive salary can be used in a number of ways, including hiring more specialized talent so execute your marketing campaigns.

Full expertise. Fractional cost.

Contact us today to explore how introducing a Digital Advisor can upgrade your online marketing initiatives so that you can effectively and intelligently reach your customers where they are today: on the internet, on their mobile phones, on social media.

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Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Advisor


Strategic Expertise

Marketing is composed of far too many individual skill sets to have one person be the expert in them all. Digital alone is a massive category requiring dozens of different skills.

Rather than hiring one or a few marketers to handle everything, you hire a single marketing leader, your Digital Advisor, who can then identify who else is needed, contracts the right specialists for you, and manages them on your behalf. You get a team of experts that only work as much as needed to get the job done, rather than a few generalists who need to fulfill forty hours each week.



Building a skilled in-house marketing department requires numerous individuals because of the vast array of skill sets falling under “marketing”. And even if you try to hire one individual, whether a marketing coordinator or executive with a large salary, the expenses pile up while the beneficial gains make just a small tick up on the charts.

Overhead from recruitment, training, salaries, technology, facilities, retirement benefits, health insurance, and paid vacations need to be considered. And it isn’t a flexible spend. Once you invest in hiring an individual, you can’t pull back their salary for a month or two here or there. This doesn’t even consider opportunity cost from having personnel without deep expertise.

With the Digital Advisor model, you only pay for what you need, as needed. No year round costs for something needed for a limited time. Cash flow down? You can cut back, not need to layoff.



The ability to transform the makeup of your marketing department at a moment’s notice becomes a tremendous competitive advantage for your company. You always have the opportunity to have domain experts at your fingertips, while your competition is stuck with a few generalists who have to figure things out to the best of their knowledge on the company’s dime.

Instead, the flexible arrangement you have allows you to quickly and easily prepare a team to capitalize on a new opportunity in the market. And when no longer needed, you can cut back and return to another state more conducive to your business at that very moment; not an average of what you need over an entire year.



The flexibility comes from speed, but deep expertise also allows for speed. The market is changing so rapidly, with new consumer behaviors, new ways of communicating, and new technologies available to us that you need support of a team that is always tuned in to these changes, able to identify true best practices and temporary hyped fads.

Speed allows you to act on those best practices, quickly develop campaigns, and execute at whatever speed you wish. Faster turnaround times means faster returns on your investment, after all. Accordingly, speed and money have a direct correlation. New features released on one of your marketing or advertising platforms? You’ll be one of the first to be able to capitalize on that.



Marketing is composed of far too many individual skill sets to have one person be the expert in them all. Digital alone is a massive category requiring dozens of different skills.

Rather than hiring one or a few marketers to handle everything, you hire a single digital leader, your Digital Marketing Advisor, who can then identify who else is needed, contracts the right specialists for you, and manages them on your behalf. You get a team of experts that only work as much as needed to get the job done, rather than a few generalists who need to fulfill forty hours each week.


Inter-Industry Experience

Deep knowledge of your company and industry provides a strong foundation, but this is nourished with an understanding of how many different industries operate and the business models of companies within each. This is an added perspective that your Digital Marketing Advisor can provide to you.

From experiences across clients varying from startups to 9-figure organizations, you can glean insights into how your marketing operations may improve today, as well as how they may evolve moving forward. This insight, matched with the expertise gained in individual silo’s of marketing knowledge, create a depth that cannot easily be found when hiring a full in-house team, and not typically employed by marketing agencies that remain solely external partners.



An Outsider Viewpoint

While the knowledge you have of your industry and company is deeply valuable, an outside perspective is helpful to see what is going on in the markets, to generate new ideas from other industries & business models, and to benchmark your company against others.

This alternative viewpoint on your marketing allows you to ensure the most comprehensive and well-thought-out communications plan. Sometimes, this alone can be the inspiration your company needs to move your business to a different stage. And rather than a focus on boosting marketing budgets, your Digital Advisor is fully aligned to your goals and not earning more based on you spending more, which is typical of marketing agency models. Everything is focused on results.


An Accountable & Budget Conscious Partner

Unlike with internal executives & staff, we are not contracted with you in any fashion. You can walk away at any time you wish. That means we need to impress you with proven, traceable results if we expect to have a long-term relationship with you. This positions the relationship in such a way that your success is the only way for us to be successful as well.

Accordingly, everything we handle for you must be handled with top-notch quality. Hiring external specialists and partners to support our initiatives? We vet them to ensure you have a highly skilled team at the right price for your budget. Marketing initiative not meeting goals you want to see? We fix it before it becomes a problem. Need to start hiring and training in-house staff as we see you continue growing to a stage where that makes sense? We make sure you find the best personnel to fit into your operation. Everything we do must make sense financially and strategically according to your goals.

What You Avoid With A Digital Marketing Advisor


Six Figure Salaries


Retirement Benefits


Health Insurance


Vacation Pay


Facilities, Technology & Overhead


Recruitment & Training Time / Cost


Slow Results & Turnaround Delays


Expertise Lacking & Spread Too Thin

Comparing Your Digital Management Options

Six Areas of Added Value

1. Marketing Department Development.  We are focused on eventually becoming obsolete. While there may be a lot of work before we can do so, our ultimate mission is to help you grow your company. Along the way, we want to establish systems that encapsulate what a sophisticated marketing strategy is composed of. And beyond that, there will need to be a team to support these activities. Ultimately, you may need a full-time digital lead to take over as your business grows, and we step out.

2. On-Site & Off-Site Arrangements.  Being that this is primarily a virtual partnership, you may assume that face-to-face time would not exist. However, on-site arrangements can be made and can often be helpful for early onboarding, long-term partnerships and team building.

3. Technology-Friendly.  Marketing is no longer simply a creative outlet. Today’s marketing landscape incorporates many technological platforms that support, track and drive results. As such, we can advise you on marketing technology (MarTech) considerations you may have as we work towards your company’s growth.

4. On-call Digital Advice.  Whether it be for the internal marketing team, external partners, or the company’s leadership, we can provide expert advisory on digital marketing-related issues and opportunities. This acts as as-needed, on-demand insight as well as ongoing training. For lower-level marketing staff, this can come in the form of coaching or mentoring.

5. Benchmarking & Workshops.  On an as-needed basis, we may determine that audits will need to be conducted or workshops may assist us in the alignment and growth of our initiatives. Your digital advisor can provide these services in addition to the general growth management.

6. Cost-Savings.  With the digital advisor model, you are renting rather than buying. That means you do not have long-term commitments, you reduce recruitment costs, shorten delays, eliminate relocations, and start taking action towards your growth faster.

It is these efforts to provide hands-on education, top-line performance, and reliable, transparent communication that distinguishes us from other marketing growth options.

Access to Bbg’s principal Digital Advisor, David Bradley, introduces a varied marketing background and perspective, inclusive of small, medium and large corporations with traditional and digital focuses, accelerating your success and allowing us to create the top-performing marketing initiatives, resulting in a secure growth plan for your company’s future.



CEOs, Presidents, & Executives


CMOs, Marketing Directors, & Marketing VPs


Entry-Mid Level Marketing Teams


External Marketing Partners


Partnering with Bbg as your digital marketing advisor is a unique way to address top-line growth, despite frustrations with ability to implement a growth plan, by having a partner on the leadership team.

Since it doesn’t make sense for most small-to-mid-sized companies to hire a full-time chief digital officer, we work part-time, or as needed, focusing solely on real results.

Unlike working with an agency, you won’t receive a boilerplate advertising package or social media plan. We create long-term, market-based strategies that become a core component of your company’s growth.

Marketing is continuing to vastly change compared to what it was just a few years ago, forget decades past. We challenge you to think differently.

A partnership with Bbg’s Digital Advisory provides six areas of added value.


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