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Level Three:
Digital Roadmap Program

The Digital Roadmap Program focuses on designing a 12-month plan on how to approach digital for your company, including assessing communication channels, identifying resource needs, return-on-investment, and an execution plan based on in-house and outsourced talent.

Company leadership is required to support this program. The program occurs over 1 – 3 months.

The program expands in depth on the workshop, including:

  • Establishing key performance indicators, channel metrics and tracking practices
  • Realigning all current activities according to best practices for quick wins
  • Creating and implementing digital marketing management protocols
  • Restructuring marketing team, including internal and external parties
  • Integrating supportive marketing technologies and processes

Inquire Now:

The Digital Roadmap Program starts at $6,000. You can inquire about it with the form below.

Inquire About the Digital Roadmap Program

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