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Alternative Health Company Builds Massive List Of Marketing Qualified Leads

Industry: Healthcare / Information Products

New Health Publishing


New Health Publishing is an alternative health publication company dedicated to providing the latest health related research to improve chronic progressive conditions for people worldwide.

NHP has numerous products under its umbrella, with its foremost product being Diabetes Declassified. Diabetes is mistakenly treated as a “chronic, progressive” disease that can only get worse. Yet the illness does not have to be so expensive or dangerous. Mahdi Pessarakli, M.D., Lifestyle Physician, Pathologist, and Nutraceutical Supplement Expert created Diabetes Declassified to share the healthy alternative with those facing Diabetes.

The healthcare industry is fragmented between traditional and new practices. New Health Publishing is an innovative entrant that not only is advocating for an alternative, healthier approach to chronic illness care, but also an alternative method for distributing care: through online information publishing.

Our mission was to get the Diabetes Declassified product in front of as many relevant people as possible. This included both current Diabetes patients and those at-risk or in the family of those facing the chronic illness. Our method of efficiently gaining relevant consumer attention was through Facebook Advertising.

What We Did

Bbg connected with New Health Publishing around the time of launching their first product line: Diabetes Declassified. This was a high quality product with a specialized focus, which is meaningful to us at Bbg. We love working with brands that are bringing great innovation into the market. However, that meant we needed to efficiently learn who would be most interested in this new offering, and so we planned to accomplish this with Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Advertising

We followed our proprietary Facebook Advertising process to understand what audiences would be most receptive to this product first. After finding the best (and least effective) audiences, we carried forward testing dozens of variations on the messaging/copy. This helped us know exactly what positioning would resonate best with the audience, and it made all future ad spend far more productive for us.

The next phase included imagery testing. Again, we integrated dozens of variants, which allowed us to know what was eye catching for our intended audience. Additionally, this was helpful to build a quality image library that we would revisit in the future. Finally, the demographics targeting test was tremendously helpful for New Health Publishing.  Because of this test, we were able to define exactly what gender & age categories were most receptive to our advertising. This allowed us to cater email marketing efforts and advertising to those specific groups, increasing overall efficacy.

Full Case Study Download

Bbg has developed a Facebook Advertising case study for our work with the online at-home physical therapy company Rezoom, showing exactly how we were able to generate leads as affordably as $1 each (and some even lower) within four weeks.  If you’d like to see for yourself, including how in week 1 we began with $20 leads, click here to download the full case study.

“David Bradley and his company, The Bradley Business Group, designed and executed our lead-generation marketing campaign on Facebook. Over the course of a few months, we were able to generate roughly 16,000 leads for approximately $1/each. While this is great, we continued to work with David because of his honesty in an otherwise unscrupulous market.”

Tyler D. Johansen

CEO | New Health Publishing, LLC


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