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B2B Financial Services Firm Builds Internal Digital Team

Industry: Financial Services (B2B)



The Retirement Plan Company, LLC (TRPC) is a proud Partner Firm of U.S. Retirement Partners is a leading independent provider of account recordkeeping, third-party administration, and actuarial services for qualified retirement plans. They work with some of the most trusted and experienced financial advisors throughout the nation.

TRPC approached Bbg for assistance in developing a digital strategy, including bolstering their internal digital assets. This included ongoing coaching and advisory that served to strategically align the business while providing training and structure for the internal team.

There are over 700,000 financial advisors throughout the country — many of whom can benefit from partnering with TRPC. What is also important is that this is a relationship business. Partners are gained through development of personal connections with financial advisors. TRPC needed to consider how they can expand their business by leveraging digital in a manner that effectively connected them to financial advisors with connotations of trust and credibility.

What We Did

It is important for TRPC to continue developing their internal team in all facets of their business, including digital. As such, we had balanced resources between hiring team members and working with external agencies & partners when additional support and expertise was needed.

Bbg helped TRPC to not only structure this internal team and lead associated projects, but to also provide the new digital team with the training, education and experiences important to rapidly develop their skill-set and approaches to implement best practices.

Building The Internal Team

To maximize the potential for TRPC, we first reviewed the resources we had internally – both financially and time available. This helped us to understand what was possible internally, what we would be able to outsource, and what was not currently an option for us.

Beyond the resources, we began reviewing the existing digital activities and auditing them to identify what improvements could be made. These were prioritized based on ease of implementation, business impact, and cost/benefit ratio. We then had a plan to start making adjustments to existing activities.

Following correcting existing activities, which are typically “quick wins”, we started seeking opportunities for new marketing initiatives that would help us build the brand, engage on social media, and generate leads through the website and online advertising channels.

Along the way, Bbg ensured that the internal team was properly introduced to new topics, fully understood the topic & the process taken, and was given freedom to implement with guidance & support. This was fundamental in ensuring that best practices were implemented while internal teams were developed over time.

Search Advertising Assistance

Among the many initiatives Bbg helped launch, one of the most significant was a search advertising campaign. If you are familiar with Google AdWords, you know that it can be incredibly involved to make successful, particularly for niche B2B businesses with limited search terms and target market segregation possible.

TRPC had launched a search advertising campaign internally at first. This ran for a few weeks, generating some leads for their Cash Balance & Defined Benefits Plans services. However, they found that the leads were of very low quality, unfortunately.

Bbg had stepped in to assist with this. First, we had developed the landing page that would provide a call-to-action to financial advisors who wished to seek further information. Second, it had a plethora of information, but was distributed and designed for ease of reading or skimming.

We also completely restructured the campaign, providing clearer order and organization. This helped in the management of the campaign and time needed to dedicate to this as well. Beyond restructuring, we reviewed potential search queries with internal staff members handling this part of the business. This helped us to understand both what financial advisors would search for and what they would not search for.

After recreating the campaign, inclusive of dozens of ad sets and individual ads within each, all housed in six different campaigns, we relaunched the campaign. Within the first week, we started to see quality leads generated from this effort. In the weeks following, we continued to see this trend. The potential difference of this AdWords strategy development is in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the business.


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