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Innovative At-Home Physical Therapy Service Generates

Leads On-Demand

Industry: SaaS (Software as a Service) / Healthcare



Rezoom is an online program developed by licensed physical therapists that provides self-paced plans for knee and lower back pain relief.

Rezoom is an innovative platform that brings physical therapy to your home (or office, or hotel room — wherever you are). That also means saying “goodbye” to co-pays, interruptions in your scheduling, and waiting in offices. Rezoom is disrupting the physical therapy world.

The physical therapy market has experienced the standard, traditional way of operating for decades. Today, our technology is changing how we do everything, and the founders of Rezoom saw no reason that an industry focused on making people healthy should not engage in this as well. But they needed more than an excellent product; they needed a market to sell it to.

What We Did

Bbg worked with Rezoom to identify target markets with highest propensity to use their service. Then, we began the eight-phase Facebook Advertising rapid development process, which provided dramatic improvements to our targeting and traffic & lead generation.

Facebook Advertising

To maximize the potential of this new, B2C tech product, we knew Facebook Advertising was the best-fit channel for Rezoom. Facebook is an untapped and undervalued platform currently (2016-2017). It is currently a goldmine because of the tremendous amount of data Facebook has on consumers and the lack of involvement of advertisers on Facebook. Additionally, there is little sophistication among most businesses and marketing agencies currently leveraging Facebook Ads. This provided the perfect storm for us to maximize the results for Rezoom.

Full Case Study Download

Want to see exactly how Bbg was able to generate leads for as low as $1 (and some even lower) within four weeks?  Interested in the fact that in Week 1, we started at $20 Leads, highlighting the importance of our rigorous rapid development process that provided such a transformation in so few weeks?

Click here to download the full case study.


“We started working with Bbg to get our service in front of potential users through Facebook. They worked through the challenges of the unknown that comes with introducing a new product to the market. After a few short weeks, we were able to bring leads in for around $1 each, which allowed us to extend our marketing budget and gather more data to improve our marketing and product.”

Jeremy Green



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