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Due to the more recent advancements in technology, we’re seeing a transition in the way we connect. Standalone desktop sales continue to decline as consumers replace them with laptops. But the transition doesn’t end there.

We’re living in an era where tablets, now cell phones, are powerful enough to please the average consumer. Today, more people are using their mobile devices to research and shop online. This makes it essential for your company to adapt to the trend.

The impact on sales from mobile devices is phenomenal. An estimated 87% of people shop using their cell phones. Doing so, people save money, time, and even limit social interaction.

Those who don’t, still use their phones to research products online before buying it in stores. – An estimated 88 percent of people do. Knowing these statistics, we marketers must cater to our audience.

Mobile Website

Companies with websites should ensure they not only have offer mobile website, but a good one. There have been times where I wanted to order boxing gear (I Box) on my cell phone, but the company did not have a mobile site.

In that instance, attempting to shop was a nightmare. The website wouldn’t load right and I couldn’t access the virtual shopping card.  This gave some friction to buying the product. By the time I got home on my computer, I decided not to buy it.

Other times I find companies with mobile website, but it was so stripped down that I could not experience the brand as a whole. While it may sound funny, there is a science behind good web design and a sale. But this article isn’t about design.

A company must realize that a good majority of their audience may be on a mobile device and they’re only giving that company one chance. A person may never return to the website after the first time around.


Another research found 30 billion inbound sales calls was from a mobile search such as Google and Bing.  The statistic projected to more than double in the next three years. What is more important is that 70% of mobile searchers used the call button in when searching through Google. It’s no surprising how important mobile marketing is.

Consumers are clearing researching products online and contacting companies all from their phones. If you can add your contact information to services that are search engine and mobile friend, then you’re that much closer to a sale.

Engagement knowing the platform

It’s more possible than ever to engage with your audience knowing the massive amount of times they spend on their cell phone. As marketers, we understand that one ad isn’t always enough to sell a product. Instead, we aim to connect with them through different social mediums.

Consumers are on their phones using social platforms that connects them to you. There they’ll remember your product, and more important, brand. Remember, people travel everywhere with their phones. Meaning a potential sale can happen at any moment.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick article. As a Computer Science major, I find the transition in technology intriguing. I wonder where marketing will go next, wearables?

Author: Malane Thou was a digital marketing intern with Primal Digital Marketing (now owned by Bbg, Inc.). He graduated from Rhode Island College with studies in advertising, sociology, and computer science.