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Dental Clinic Has New Patients Requests Appointments Online

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Capalbo Dental Group is a family-owned collective of four dental offices located throughout Rhode Island and one in Connecticut. They offer a complete line of services in their clinics, from regular exams to periodontal to Invisalign, and everything in between.

Capalbo has been committed their local communities, staying active and contributing in a variety of way. Along with further branding efforts, including the development of a new website that Bbg helped to plan, design and launch, the Capalbo name is strong, professional and friendly. However, there was a need to incorporate digital into their outreach efforts to pair with traditional means, such as print advertising and direct mail. The best method was found to be Facebook Advertising.

What We Did

Capalbo has worked with Bbg on a number of initiatives: a complete website redesign, search advertising, and now, Facebook Advertising. We took Capalbo’s campaign through a rigorous and scientific testing process, as we do with new clients. The result of this was astounding.

Facebook Advertising Process

It’s important for us to make sure we develop the best possible campaign in the least amount of time possible, all based in a few core principles within our advertising philosophy. This is, to ensure we have high quality leads (based upon sales), to reach statistical significance in tests conducted, and to “sift through the dirt to find the gold”. The last part is the essence of our testing, because finding something that performs 2x as well early on provides exponential long-term benefits.

Testing Phases
  1. Audience Identification (who do we reach based upon consumer behavior, psychographics, motivations…)
  2. Message Resonance (what copy does our audience of those electing to request an appointment respond to?)
  3. Imagery Selection (with a mix of stock and candid photography, referencing dental clinics, procedures, healthy smiles, and so on, what does the audience respond to best?)
  4. Demographic Splits (if we separate groups based on gender, age brackets, and devices used, where do we experience the best returns?)

In each of the above testing phases, we have 20+ elements being tested (different audience angles, message/copy positioning, images, etc.) The final result is what provides us with an excellent understanding of how we can continue iterating and growing in a meaningful manner.

Landing Pages Designed

We created landing pages for Capalbo, as we do with any advertising campaigns we develop. This allows us to test and improve performance of the pages people land on after clicking on a Facebook Ad.

With the design of effective landing pages for Facebook, we want to incorporate a few concepts. First, we want this to be as simple as possible. Our best landing pages have been incredibly simple, despite the inclination that you would want to pack as much information and content on a page as possible.

Second, we want to make sure our message is as clear as possible, while staying consistent with the ad that lead to this page. Finally, a professional image and consistent branding has weight in this creation, so we wanted to make sure to use Capalbo’s logo, imagery, coloring, and communication style in the design.

The Results

We were fortunate to see excellent results from the first two weeks of launching this campaign. We quickly saw leads, in the form of people requesting to book an appointment as a new patient, for less than $35 each. This is a quick win in terms of performance! But, we cannot judge a campaign based on good signs out of the gate.

We continued through testing and we were able to generate appointment booking requests for just $21 each a month later. This was tremendously successful considering the client’s goal was to have appointment requests at $40 each, what they would consider a quality campaign.

At this point, we had success in terms of lead costs, which is helpful in the acquisition of data. Data is what we can learn from and use to continue making improvements. So, we shifted our focus to lead quality, which we contacted each dental office individually for in reviewing lead quality. This communication with those answering the phones helped us understand how to adjust language and targeting criteria to focus on the best potential audiences that result in more bookings.


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