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Press Release: Bbg, Inc. Moves Into Providence, Begins Registrations For Open Office Hours Sessions

Bbg, Inc. is a digital marketing consultancy with a unique business model. The company recently moved to 536 Atwells Ave. in Providence, located on the 2nd floor.  Managing director, David Bradley, shared, “We chose this location to be closer to Providence’s growing business community. Proximity to some of the nation’s finest restaurants, Route 6 & Interstate 95, and free on-site parking in Providence are all bonuses for us and our clients.”

Boring But Important Record Keeping: Smart Marketers Track Measures of Success

“Record keeping” sounds incredibly dull. And it can be. But, it is a part of every smart marketer’s daily activities.

Done right, keeping records can be interesting and enlightening. There are thousands of tools and software options that track analytics and measure marketing activities. Most enhance the visual aspect of measurement, in part providing new perspective on our data, and in part by simply making it feel “friendlier” to view. Read on to hear my recommendations on how to simply but effectively track your marketing activities.

A Simple Formula for Compelling B2B Case Studies

In B2B, credibility is key. Buyers seek risk reduction. Case studies can bridge that gap when relationships and referrals aren’t existing or enough. This article explores the use of case studies for marketing & sales in business-to-business relationships, while providing a formula to create a compelling case study.

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Free: Digital Capabilities Assessment

To be uploaded shortly. If this has not been updated yet, please contact us at for a copy.

Free: Open Office Hours

Take an opportunity to have a 50-minute strategy session with our advisors to tackle any issue, challenge, or opportunity you see in your business. Learn more here.

Paid: Calibration Workshop

Work with us to identify where your company’s marketing is today, your bottlenecks, and what your next steps should be for short-term and long-term goals. Learn more here.

Paid: Digital Roadmap Program

If you’re ready to make digital and social marketing a core competency in your business, rather than a weakness, this program is your first serious step. Learn more here.

Paid: Digital Marketing Advisory™

If you have an internal team that needs expert leadership, or if you operate primarily with agencies, our unique Advisor approach may be a fit for you. Learn more here.

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Social Media Quick Tip: 5-3-2 Rule

Imagine if there was a more efficient way to connect with your audience: a way to keep your business professional yet relevant. The 5-3-2 rule is a simple, but effective method. It models the type of content for every ten social network posts. The beauty of this rule is that you can apply it to any social network that you currently use.

Practical, Simplified Neuromarketing

We are going to keep the science very basic, but talk about how you might apply this in your every day marketing. Understanding the connection between neuroscience and marketing has been tremendously helpful to me. Helping clients succeed really requires the understanding of more than just digital marketing. First, did you know we have three brains?

7 Effective YouTube Marketing Tips

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing website today. Since its launch in 2005, there has been an exponential growth in visitors. It’s no surprise that 77% of companies use it for marketing purposes. It can be intimidating to start because it seems as though for every term searched on YouTube, you’re returned with thousands of videos ready to be viewed. While this is true, it’s not impossible to create a successful YouTube channel.


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